I’m thinking about this subject for a while now, and since the launch of the Xbox One everyone was pretty sure that Microsoft would open up the Xbox One for every developer, just like on Windows and on Windows phone, rather sooner than later. But apparently they decided to not release this feature to the world. We don’t know why they didn’t release it yet (actually we don’t even know for sure if they will eventually open it up). In this post I’m going to tell you how I think about this and why I think they should give the normal, geeky, developer a chance to develop apps for the Xbox.

I think that Microsoft would do a very good job by opening this up, because of the following reasons.

Considering the new Windows universal app strategy it would be very easy for developers to get their app on really every device without having to code multiple versions of the same app. Because it’s that easy to create a universal app developers who plan to create Windows Store apps are also potential Windows Phone developers and vice versa. But when the Xbox would join this group of devices, the developers can just add the Xbox to their Universal App project and reach even more users.

Secondly it’s a very good thing for users too, they can go from one device to another and keep using the same app on every device they touch. This makes the Microsoft ecosystem a more considerable option. Another reason why it would be great for the average user is that they don’t have to buy the app three times. They buy it once and can use it on their Windows tablet, laptop or desktop, their phone and even on their television. There’s no other ecosystem, not the Google ecosystem, not the Apple ecosystem, that supports all those devices.

In the modern era we don’t only use a laptop or a desktop, but we use multiple devices for multiple purposes at multiple times and locations. If you as a developer want to cover all those devices and make your app available on as much devices as possible, this would be a great option.

But, sadly, the only thing we can do for now is wait till Microsoft implements those features. On the other side there’s a great chance they will in the future.