Hi everyone,

in this course I wanna share some basics of programming with Java ,  and I hope you like it !

To begin let’s talk about what are the Pros of Java :

Java is an easy object-oriented Computer programming language by Sun Micro-Systems (Oracle) , its best quality is its portability that helps developers to ” Write Once , Run Everywhere ” , so instead of writing a lot of codes for every System (MS Windows , Linux , Mac OS) you just have to write once and it will work on every System thanks to the JVM (Java Virtual Machine)

Well if you didn’t understand what I said already , don’t give up :p , you’ll learn that later. What you need to know is that Java is really simple and easy , it also saves a lot of time !

This Course would be for everyone , you don’t need to be a genius to learn programming, even teens like me are able to learn that stuff …

You’ll learn :

1- How to begin with Java

2- Variables and Operators

3- Classes

4- Java Access Modifiers

5- Non-access Modifiers

6- Loops

7- ArrayLists …

Just fellow this course and discover the Java Programming Language !