GoStopWatch is the newest Loovus production. Loovus is known for the GoLockscreens app for Windows Phone but also for TheDeveloperSource, the website you’re looking at at the moment 🙂

Since Windows Phone doesn’t have a built-in Stopwatch application it is very useful to have one installed, because it’s something you need quite a lot. GoStopwatch makes it easy for you, it’s impossible to do something wrong. There are 4 well-designed buttons that define the functionality of this app. Those buttons are ‘Start’, ‘Clear’, ‘Reset’ and a little one, ‘About’.

WP_20140907 4

I don’t think it’s difficult to imagine what those buttons do, Start of course starts your timer, Reset brings it back to zero and Clear removes all stored laps. When you press the Start button, the Clear button will change to a ‘Lap’ button, with this button you can add laps, which you can see at the bottom of the screen. When you stop the timer you can remove individual laps by tapping on the lap time, or you can remove all laps by simply hitting the Clear button.

It’s as simple as that, GoStopWatch has a very clear UI and is simple to use, so why don’t download it?

You can download GoStopWatch here for Windows Phone 8 and higher.