Windows Phone is a very unique smartphone operating system with its Metro UI user interface which is basically a set of rectangles called tiles, they are in different sizes and they could be static or dynamic (live tiles).

A Windows Phone app has also few app models like Pivot and Panorama which are almost the same, a group of pages that we can do switch from one to another by sliding to left or right


To do great Windows Phone apps we must follow these design guidelines, and there’s still a lot to explore, we’ve to use Segoe UI WP font type and avoid using other types like Comic Sans, the App Bar, which contains a menu and icon buttons on the bottom of the app, just like in the picture below (it’s for Windows Phone 7, but it’s the same for newer versions)


I won’t make the tutorial so long, and I tried to put what I’ve learned for you, if you have any question, leave a comment below,

Thanks for being interested!