Hey Gee..eeks!! around the globe, The Developer Source is making FREE online sessions on how to develop Universal Apps for Windows. We are providing a path for beginners to increase their development skills.

About Summer TechSchool

Summer TechSchool is the new free online training program created by the Developer Source Team. The program will be taken through online live sessions, and consists of 6 live sessions. Our program aims to develop your skills in just one week, if you’re interested in Universal Apps development (Windows and Windows Phone) make sure to keep an eye out. Since we’ll announce each session here. Leave your email address below if you want to get notified before each session.


You don’t really need a lot to get involved into this course. You just need to install Visual Studio 2013 or – even better – Visual Studio 2015. You can grab it here. Visual Studio Community edition will be fine.

What experience would I get from Summer TechSchool? 

Summer TechSchool will provide you with six live streamed courses (in English). Every course takes one hour. Note that all courses will be recorded, and put online on TheDeveloperSource.com after each online session, the source code will be available as well. After completing the whole course the best participants who went through all or most of the session will get a certificate of attendance.

Feel free to ask any question that crosses your mind, whether you got stuck or didn’t understand something related to the course’s topic.

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