As making money is an interest of many people, I loved to share a way to make money with a Windows Phone app, basically, we’ll use in this tutorial Google’s AdMob to put advertisements and gain money on seen ads and on clicks !

To start it off, have you created an AdMob account ? if Yes, move to part 2 else, begin with part 1

Part 1 :

to get your Google AdMob account you need to subscribe for the service via this link, click “Sign up with AdMob”, log in with your Google account and finally fill the sign up page with required information !

Screenshot (74)

After your account is created and ready for use, you should pass to the second part which is to add a new app to AdMob and get a code you’ll be using in Visual Studio with the Ads

Part 2 :

Sign into your Google AdMob account, go immediately to “Monetize” and click on “Monetize new app”

Add your app information and follow the wizard Screenshot (78)

After you complete adding monetizing your app, you’ll get an Ad unit ID and Ad unit name which will be used later into your app during the development process

Part 3 :

After we’re done with Google AdMob website, it’s time to download the SDK and add it to the solution in Visual Studio, here is the download link !

Extract files in your desktop and make sure you’ve these files into the lib folder !

Screenshot (79)

Before we go into the Visual Studio, this trick is very important to get it working, do a right click on the GoogleAds.dll file, select “Properties” from the menu and finally click on the “Unblock” button at the bottom of the appearing properties window !

Now you can launch your project in the Visual Studio and add the SDK, just follow the pictures

Screenshot (80)

After you select “Choose Items…” from the menu you must be in “Windows Phone Components” tab and click on Browse and select the “GoogleAds.dll” file !

Screenshot (81)

Finally, you’ll get AdView control into your Toolbox !

Part 4 :

Now, it’s time to go into the XAML, add this to be able to use the AdMob

And finally add this code to get the Ads into your app
Do not forget to replace YOUR_AD_UNIT_ID by the code you get in Part 2 !

If you need any help feel free to ask questions in comments below, we’ll be very happy to help you !