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Summer TechSchool

Hey Gee..eeks!! around the globe, The Developer Source is making FREE online sessions on how to develop Universal Apps for Windows. We are providing a path for beginners to increase their development skills. About Summer TechSchool Summer TechSchool is the new… Continue Reading →

Why you should think about updating your Windows Phone 8 apps to 8.1

With Windows 10 coming out soon, there are still a lot of Windows Phone 8 apps around. Those apps didn’t get an update to Windows Phone 8.1. And of course, that’s not a big problem, because Windows Phone 8 apps… Continue Reading →

Poll – Will an average user like Windows 10 better than Windows 8?


Microsoft makes a cross-platform keyboard

As far as it exists, Microsoft has released a cross-platform keyboard. It’s a keyboard that will work with all of your mobile devices. Whether they are on Windows, Android or iOS. The Universal Mobile keyboard, as they call it, has… Continue Reading →

Windows Phone reportedly to be dropped in favor for ‘Windows’ into your Lumia

We’ve heard that Microsoft’s next version of Windows and Windows Phone will be unified for a fully shared API and universal apps to run in all devices but seems like Microsoft will change the plans to drop the Windows Phone… Continue Reading →

Setup your development computer

Hi, In this course I target basically students as I share on it the main steps to prepare a development environment in your computer and so before we start you’ve to make  sure you downloaded all these software Windows 8.1… Continue Reading →

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