Few days ago, Loovus (The founder of TheDeveloperSource) announced it’s new project DYNCRYPT which is a new crypting algorithms that we believe that it’s really not easy to break, we provided also a JavaScript API for developers interesting to test or use it.

“DYNCRYPT brings data encryption to a new level, our highly secure encryption system is still reversible but we believe it’s unbreakable” – Loovus team

The idea is based on encrypting the text and adding a PIN code to it, using this PIN code, no one will be able to decrypt the data you’ve encrypted

And what’s more special about DYNCRYPT, it doesn’t give always the same encrypted, but all work the same and that’s why we’ve called it DYNCRYPT as it is (Dynamic Cryption)

For example I’ve put “TheDeveloperSource” to encrypt and I used the PIN 0858

When we decrypt it using different PIN, it will give you error message showing “incorrect pin”, when we use the right PIN, of course we’ll get “TheDeveloperSource”

Here is the official website if you’re interested to learn more about it and see it in action  dyncrypt.loovus.org