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Microsoft promises to bring Minecraft to both Windows stores

Earlier this week Microsoft has announced that they bought the company behind Minecraft, Mojang. As of today there’s no Minecraft version that supports Windows or Windows Phone apps. There’s only a desktop version. But, now that’s going to change, Phil… Continue Reading →

Microsoft shows new videos to showcase the Windows app diversity

Microsoft has uploaded two new videos to their YouTube channel to show that there’s no `app gap’ between Windows and other mobile platforms. The first video focuses on a storm chaser, the other one is about two people that create… Continue Reading →

Poll – Are you going to install the Windows 9 Technical Preview?

As posted earlier Microsoft will release the first Windows 9 preview to the world, the Windows 9 Technical Preview. Are you going to install it on your primary device?        

Becoming a Windows developer gets a lot cheaper

As of today it seems that Microsoft removed the annual developer fee. First you had to pay a certain amount of money every year to keep your apps in the store. But now you only have to pay a small… Continue Reading →

Microsoft makes a cross-platform keyboard

As far as it exists, Microsoft has released a cross-platform keyboard. It’s a keyboard that will work with all of your mobile devices. Whether they are on Windows, Android or iOS. The Universal Mobile keyboard, as they call it, has… Continue Reading →

Microsoft announces Windows 9 event on September 30th

It already leaked a while ago that Microsoft would hold a press event later this month, on September 30, but now it’s official. Microsoft is expected to announce the ‘Windows Technical Preview’. This will be the first public preview for… Continue Reading →

WP8C3 – Building your first app


Wi-Fi Sense coming to Windows 9 too

Yet another really nice Windows Phone feature seems to be making it’s way to Windows 9. found indications in the registry that show Wi-Fi Sense settings. With Wi-Fi Sense it’s possible to share your Wi-Fi login credentials, without actually… Continue Reading →

Microsoft buys Minecraft creator Mojang for $2.5 billion

As rumoured Microsoft has announed today that it will be buying Mojang. Mojang is the development studio behind the hugely popular 8-bit game Minecraft. Mojang could be very valuable for Microsoft because it can help attracting as many people as… Continue Reading →

New evidence of Cortana in Windows 9 [update] has yet released another image that shows the evidence of Cortana in Windows 9. On the image you can see the resource files of Cortana, which is disabled in the current Partner build of Windows 9. Cortana on Windows… Continue Reading →

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