We’ve heard that Microsoft’s next version of Windows and Windows Phone will be unified for a fully shared API and universal apps to run in all devices but seems like Microsoft will change the plans to drop the Windows Phone for a simpler Windows brand.

Geek on Gadgets reported that an internal Microsoft document which is seen by them reveals that Microsoft will replace Windows Phone by Windows logo in their next coming mobile productions and seems like this is a preparation step for their next big move for a single OS focused specially for mobile and probably to be launched next year.


Basically, the idea behind this plan is to commercialize that will be one Windows for your phone, tablet and computer.

Additionally, Microsoft is seemed to be dropping also the Nokia brand as the newest Lumia models 730, 735 and 830 had a complete absence of any mention for the Nokia name.

Seems like we should do a good bye to Windows Phone and make a good buy for the next Windows for phone !