The press conference is just over, Microsoft talked about it’s newest OS. Instead of Windows 9 it became Windows 10.

Windows 10 will support virtual desktops (Task View) as well as windowed apps.

The charms bar is still there in touch versions of Windows 10, but there changed a lot of things. The start menu for example will look different from now on. There’ll be a touch-optimized version as well as a Windows 7-like version. It’ll both feature tiles though.

In the following video you can see a feature called Continuum, which is designed to make it easy to switch between mouse, keyboard input and touch input.

One very neat thing that Microsoft mentioned is that Windows 10 will be the one version of Windows for all devices, for phones, tablets, PC’s…
They didn’t mention anything about pricing, however they said that the Windows 10 Technical Preview will be available starting tomorrow. Windows 10 will release somewhere in 2015, no date given.


Here’s the first official Windows 10 video, made by Microsoft

We’ll cover more of Windows 10 once the preview is available.