Do you like reading, especially French books? We have a quick tip for you. Download BookLibrary on your Windows Phone device and you’ll be able to download a lot of well-known and lesser known books for free.

BookLibrary doesn’t only have French books but also English and Arabic books. And you even have the ability to search for books within the app. The app is well-made and very usefull because it’s possible to download the books as a pdf and read them on any device you want. There are a lot more books than in previous versions and the layout is pretty nice.

The app BookLibrary is made by Ines Azouz, a community member of The Developer Source.

booklibrary review

We gave this app a 4/5 because it’s a great app but it has more potential, but we also encourage you, Ines, to keep adding books and other improvements to this app. Well done!

You can download BookLibrary for your Windows Phone 8+ device here for free. Sound off in the comments below what you think of the app.