has yet released another image that shows the evidence of Cortana in Windows 9. On the image you can see the resource files of Cortana, which is disabled in the current Partner build of Windows 9.


Cortana on Windows 9 will will work pretty similar to the Cortana we all know and love from Windows Phone. However it reportedly won’t be a full-screen experience, it’ll ratter be a small Window that will show the required information as well as give the oportunity to ask, by typing or speaking, a question to the personal assistant. It’s not yet known if Cortana will get an own button in the task bar, like the notification center, or if it will just act as a normal app.

The best part of Cortana is that it’s completely cloud-based, this means that every time Microsoft updates Cortana it will update on your tablet, laptop, desktop as well as on your mobile phone. Microsoft has already said that Cortana will be updated about twie a month.

Windows 9 will reportedly become available as a technical preview at the end of this month (09/30/2014).

Update 1: New screenshots added.