Since the release of Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft introduced Cortana, their own personal assistant.
Cortana joined Siri and Google Now, two competing systems by Apple and Google, of course. But which system is actually the most useful?

Apple was the first major technology company to reveal a personal assistant that would be able to answer your questions.
While Siri launched in 2011, Google was 1 year later with the release of Google Now, which has been available since July 2012. Cortana came in 2014, together with the release of Windows Phone 8.1.
The difference between launch dates seemed to be of quite important, Siri is, without doubt, the best-known virtual assistant.
But, the question is not which was first, but which is best.

Market share
Siri, is the best-known virtual assistant, but Google Now has the potential to become available on more devices. While Cortona only works on Windows Phone, it’s finding it’s way to the pc, with Windows 10, as well. So when we look at market share, they all have quite a large potential audience. In the future, however, because Cortana is still only available on Windows Phone, which has a very small market share compared to IOS (Apple) and Android (Google).
(higher is better)
Siri: 3
Google Now: 2
Cortana: 1

Predicted information
Google now is very good to give you a fast glance on the weather or traffic information, while Siri doesn’t provide you that at all. You’ll have to ask it. Cortana offers it as well, but in my opinion it’s not as easy and fast to get to as it is with Google Now.
Siri: 1
Google Now: 3
Cortana: 2

Asking questions
When it comes to asking questions, both Google Now and Cortana are pretty good, you can ask questions by voice, just like on Siri. But you can type your questions as well. Which is pretty important, since your environment doesn’t always allow you to speak with a loud voice, to your phone. Siri doesn’t offer this, you can only ask questions by saying them.
Siri: 1
Google Now: 2
Cortana: 3

When we look at features, Cortana and Siri are pretty good, Google Now lacks a lot of basic features, or they’re not easy to get too. The nice thing with Cortana and Siri is that they also are capable to have a little conversation. They can answer on your questions, tell stories, or even sing a little song.
Although Google Now is getting better at it, it still doesn’t offer the same type of ‘silly’ conversations. Which makes it fun to use a virtual assistant.
Siri: 2
Google Now: 1
Cortana: 3

When we combine all these elements into one total view, we can conclude that all three do pretty good, but Cortana seems to be the winner this time.
And actually this is how it feels when using all three assistants, Cortana also feels better to use.
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