Today we discovered that Microsoft has opened a new Twitter account, Microsoft IoT, which means ‘Internet of Things’ They also released the website InternetOfYourThings. Since Microsoft is focusing on a cloud-first/mobile-first world as well as on the internet of things, this new account makes a lot of sense. With this account Microsoft will presumably focus on the quickly developing market of the internet of things, like smartwatches or even smart-fridges etc.

This is what Microsoft says about the new InternetOfYourThings:

When trillions of things can be connected, which things should you connect?
Empower your business and gain a competitive edge by connecting data from devices and sensors with the cloud and business intelligence tools.

The Internet of Things is here today—and it starts with what matters most to you

Optimize key areas of your business to help it thrive, starting small for big impact

Harness a broad platform, services and ecosystem to transform your business

And here is the Twitter account: