A few hours ago I launched my new licensing service as a beta release. I called the service “Project License”, just because that describes the product really well. Codename “Task HedgeHog” is a bit less descriptive.

Project License makes it really easy for the beginning, as well as advanced, developer to implement a licensing system in their applications. The possibilities are endless, since Project License is completely platform independent, and works on every system with access to the internet. Because of this, Project License works with your web applications, iOS applications, Android applications, Windows applications, traditional Windows software, OS X applications, and more.

There’s one big reason why you should use Project License, wait… actually two.

First of all, Project License is completely free to use, no fees whatsoever, combine that with an unlimited amount of license keys for an unlimited amount of applications, and you just have to check it out! (http://projectlicense.com)

The second important reason why you should try Project License is that it’s really easy to use. No complicated commands to remember,¬†thanks to our simple dashboard. Everything is just a few clicks away.

On our dashboard, we provide simple tutorials on how to implement Project License in your application. We provide examples in multiple programming languages, like C#, JavaScript and Python. But when the tutorials don’t suffice, we provide a simple API as well. It’s based on HTTP GET requests, and therefore amazingly easy to use.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. But first, go ahead and try Project License here!


This post first appeared on http://blog.daanlenaerts.com.