iPhone 6

As you probably already know, Apple released the new iPhone 6 today (actually they released two iPhones, a 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch version, the iPhone Plus). The iPhone is probably the best-known smartphone, and this is already the eight generation of the famous product, which a ton of people use and love every day. Apple has sold about 500 million units since the launch of the first gen iPhone.

The iPhone 6 has a bigger screen than it’s predecessors, partly because big phones are selling very well nowadays. The previous iterations of  the iPhone had fairly small screens (4 inch) when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5 for example, which has a 5.1 inch screen.

iPhone 5S

iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus

iOS version



Screen size


4.7” / 5.5’

Screen resolution

1136×640 / Retina

1920×1080 / Retina HD




(25% faster processing power and up to 50% faster graphics)

Camera resolution

8 MP

8 MP

The iPhone 6 looks almost the same as the iPhone 5, except for some minor changes, and for the first time ever the lock button is located at the side of the iPhone.


Above you can find the specs of the newly released iPhone 6 compared to the iPhone 5S, which has been released nearly a year ago (September 20, 2013).

The iPhone 6 also features wireless charging, as well as NFC payments with Apple Pay. Also it will be possible to use the iPhone in landscape mode, just like on the iPad. Apple Pay is starting in the US and will work with the three mayor payment networks: American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Apple Pay works with the top bank issuers that handle 83% of the credit card purchase volume. Apple says that there are more than 220,000 merchant locations that accept contactless payment.

The iPhone 6 supports Voice over LTE as well as 802.11ac Wi-Fi. With the new iPhone it’s possible as well to capture video in slow motion, at 120fps or 240fps.

The iPhone 6 (4.7 inch) will be available at the 19th September  in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

But the iPhone 6 isn’t the only thing released today, an even more interesting product is shown today. The Apple Watch. The Apple Watch features a stunning Retina display that appears to be flexible. Maybe this watch will give the wearable technology a boost.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch features a beautiful piece of hardware, curated into three collections that consider personal style and taste. Apple Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition. The watch includes a lot of watch faces and two health and fitness apps come pre-installed.


But how do you get to the apps menu you might ask, well it’s very simple. Just press the crown button at the right side of the watch and there you have it. The watch also includes a lot of sensors, to make it even more modern. It supports infrared and visible-light LEDs, along with photosensors, and it can detect your pulse rate.

And, of course, there’s one thing that can not be missed, Siri. Of course Siri is integrated into Apple Watch.


For developers Apple launches the WatchKit, with this kit it will be possible to extend iOS apps to Apple Watch.

Don’t forget to look at the press event images, they’re truly beautiful … and informative

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(Images: copyright: Apple inc.)