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Why you should think about updating your Windows Phone 8 apps to 8.1

With Windows 10 coming out soon, there are still a lot of Windows Phone 8 apps around. Those apps didn’t get an update to Windows Phone 8.1. And of course, that’s not a big problem, because Windows Phone 8 apps… Continue Reading →

Poll – What do you think the next version of Windows will be called?

What do you think the next version of Windows will be called, it will be shown tomorrow, so act quick.    

Introduction to programming with Java

Hi everyone, in this course I wanna share some basics of programming with Java ,  and I hope you like it ! To begin let’s talk about what are the Pros of Java : Java is an easy object-oriented Computer programming language… Continue Reading →

Expanding the TDS team

Today we’re going to expand the team. We already have a few candidates, but we want to give everyone who’s interested the opportunity to become a writer for us. There are a few things you have to know. You… Continue Reading →

Poll – Are you going to install the Windows 9 Technical Preview?

As posted earlier Microsoft will release the first Windows 9 preview to the world, the Windows 9 Technical Preview. Are you going to install it on your primary device?        

GoStopWatch – A simple but beatiful Windows Phone stopwatch app

GoStopWatch is the newest Loovus production. Loovus is known for the GoLockscreens app for Windows Phone but also for TheDeveloperSource, the website you’re looking at at the moment 🙂 Since Windows Phone doesn’t have a built-in Stopwatch application it is… Continue Reading →

Quick Tip – Install Android Studio

Android Studio is the equivalent of Visual Studio, but for developing Android apps. With Visual Studio it is possible to create Windows and Windows Phone apps as well as web applications, but this is not the case with Android Studio…. Continue Reading →

Why Microsoft should open up the XBox One for developers

I’m thinking about this subject for a while now, and since the launch of the Xbox One everyone was pretty sure that Microsoft would open up the Xbox One for every developer, just like on Windows and on Windows phone,… Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Autoformat your code in Visual Studio

Hello there, I just wanted to share something that was very helpful today. I was wondering what was the fastest and easiest way to tidy up your code. When you’re working a lot on the same code in the same… Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Welcome to The Developer Source, a brand new, exciting project. If you like software, hardware and geeky stuff, come back, you’ll like it here! On The Developer Source you’ll find all sorts of interesting stuff, but mostly you’ll learn how to… Continue Reading →

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