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Reading XML data in Windows Phone with C#

Hello, In this tutorial we’ll see these things Reading from local XML file that exits in the app Reading data from XML and loading it into a list Using XML for data binding XML (Extensible Markup Language) data file (composed… Continue Reading →

Universal Apps #2 – change the layout

In the second part of this tutorial we’re going to make some simple changes to the layout of the Universal Hub App. We’re going to change the title of the app and we’re adding some images. First I’m going to… Continue Reading →

How to create a calendar in Windows Phone app

Hi, I’ve been doing this with a friend (Ines Azouz, a young Windows Phone developer Girl) few days ago and so I loved to share it with you, let’s take it easy, start your Visual Studio, create a new Windows… Continue Reading →

Universal Apps #1 – how to create a universal Windows app

Universal apps, introduced back in April by Microsoft, a great way for developers to create apps for all systems. You can run Universal apps on Windows, Windows Desktop, Windows Phone and probably Microsoft will open it up in the future… Continue Reading →

Download files on Windows Phone 8 using C#

In a lot of apps you have the possibility to download files. Especially e-book reading apps or music apps use this very often. It’s a very useful feature. But, at the time of writing, there are not a lot of… Continue Reading →

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