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Summer TechSchool

Hey Gee..eeks!! around the globe, The Developer Source is making FREE online sessions on how to develop Universal Apps for Windows. We are providing a path for beginners to increase their development skills. About Summer TechSchool Summer TechSchool is the new… Continue Reading →

Working with alarms and reminders

Introduction Alarms and reminders are some of the various Windows Phone scheduled notification options that every developer can take advantage of to make his app more responsive and useful. They inherit from ScheduledNotfication and the ScheduledActionService class. In this tutorial… Continue Reading →

How to implement in-app purchases in Windows Phone 8 app

Although we prefer Windows Phone 8.1 apps over Windows Phone 8 applications – read this post for more information – we were asked by a reader to write a tutorial on how to integrate in-app purchases in a Windows Phone… Continue Reading →

Introduction to programming with Java

Hi everyone, in this course I wanna share some basics of programming with Java ,  and I hope you like it ! To begin let’s talk about what are the Pros of Java : Java is an easy object-oriented Computer programming language… Continue Reading →

Becoming a Windows developer gets a lot cheaper

As of today it seems that Microsoft removed the annual developer fee. First you had to pay a certain amount of money every year to keep your apps in the store. But now you only have to pay a small… Continue Reading →

WP8C3 – Building your first app


Get AdMob into your Windows Phone apps and start making money

As making money is an interest of many people, I loved to share a way to make money with a Windows Phone app, basically, we’ll use in this tutorial Google’s AdMob to put advertisements and gain money on seen ads… Continue Reading →

Probably you’ve already heard of it, multi-threading. Multi-threading is an efficient way to do multiple things at once. This way you can for example speed up the loading process of a game or other app because the code doesn’t necessarily… Continue Reading →

WP8C2 – Discovering Windows Phone design guidelines

Windows Phone is a very unique smartphone operating system with its Metro UI user interface which is basically a set of rectangles called tiles, they are in different sizes and they could be static or dynamic (live tiles). A Windows… Continue Reading →

Universal Apps #3 – Working with JSON

In this third edition of our universal apps series I’m going to show you how the back end of the app works. This is actually the server-side script that will give us all information we need to be able to… Continue Reading →

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