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Siri, Google Now or Cortana?

Since the release of Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft introduced Cortana, their own personal assistant. Cortana joined Siri and Google Now, two competing systems by Apple and Google, of course. But which system is actually the most useful? Apple was the… Continue Reading →

Windows 10: Briefing

Here we are again, to notify you that Microsoft has planned a live briefing about Windows 10. They will reveal a lot of new features, Windows 10 for phones and probably even some new hardware. Doesn’t that look interesting? You… Continue Reading →

Download Windows 10 Technical Preview

A quick update, you can download the Windows 10 Technical Preview right now! To download the preview click on the download link below. Download the Windows 10 Technical Preview.    

Poll – Will an average user like Windows 10 better than Windows 8?


Windows 10 – Video overview

As you probably already know, Microsoft has shown off their latest OS, Windows 10, yesterday. They also uploaded a few video’s to their YouTube channel. For your convenience you can watch them below. The complete press conference: Introducing Windows 10:… Continue Reading →

Windows 10, here it is

The press conference is just over, Microsoft talked about it’s newest OS. Instead of Windows 9 it became Windows 10. Windows 10 will support virtual desktops (Task View) as well as windowed apps. The charms bar is still there in… Continue Reading →

Follow the Windows 9 event live

In a few hours Microsoft will kick of the Windows 9 event. They will announce the newest iteration of Windows. But since there will be no live stream you can follow the event live on The Verge. Follow this link… Continue Reading →

Poll – What do you think the next version of Windows will be called?

What do you think the next version of Windows will be called, it will be shown tomorrow, so act quick.    

Microsoft opens new Microsoft IoT Twitter Account

Today we discovered that Microsoft has opened a new Twitter account, Microsoft IoT, which means ‘Internet of Things’ They also released the website InternetOfYourThings. Since Microsoft is focusing on a cloud-first/mobile-first world as well as on the internet of things,… Continue Reading →

Introduction to programming with Java

Hi everyone, in this course I wanna share some basics of programming with Java ,  and I hope you like it ! To begin let’s talk about what are the Pros of Java : Java is an easy object-oriented Computer programming language… Continue Reading →

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