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Review – BookLibrary – Free French books for everyone

Do you like reading, especially French books? We have a quick tip for you. Download BookLibrary on your Windows Phone device and you’ll be able to download a lot of well-known and lesser known books for free. BookLibrary doesn’t only… Continue Reading →

Universal Apps #3 – Working with JSON

In this third edition of our universal apps series I’m going to show you how the back end of the app works. This is actually the server-side script that will give us all information we need to be able to… Continue Reading →

WP8C1 – Preparing the development environment

Hi, This tutorial is a part of Windows Phone 8 development course so if you didn’t read it you’ve to go back and start from the beginning. So, today we’ll prepare the development environment and we’ll start by making sure… Continue Reading →

Windows Phone 8 development course

Windows Phone, reinvented around you

Hello, I’ve been developing on Windows Phone 8 since December 2013 and I want to share some basic topics, and I’ll be posting 1 tutorial daily starting from tomorrow and here is the summary of my course for you. Coursers will start… Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Bing developer assistant for Visual Studio

Developers, Developers, Developers!

Here’s another quick tip for developers. If you’re using Visual Studio, and there’s a big chance that you are using Visual Studio, Microsoft recently released a new tool that will interest you. Microsoft released a developer assistant for Visual Studio…. Continue Reading →

Starter guide for a responsive web design

Hello, As usual, I’ve worked on something and I want to share a guide on how it’s made, yes this time is for a responsive web design, this tutorial will be very basic, and you’ll make me happy when you… Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Autoformat your code in Visual Studio

Hello there, I just wanted to share something that was very helpful today. I was wondering what was the fastest and easiest way to tidy up your code. When you’re working a lot on the same code in the same… Continue Reading →

The best FTP clients

As a developer you will have to use a lot of software. One piece of software that you’ll definitely need is an FTP client, with an FTP client it’s possible to upload and download files to and from your webserver… Continue Reading →

Reading XML data in Windows Phone with C#

Hello, In this tutorial we’ll see these things Reading from local XML file that exits in the app Reading data from XML and loading it into a list Using XML for data binding XML (Extensible Markup Language) data file (composed… Continue Reading →

Universal Apps #2 – change the layout

In the second part of this tutorial we’re going to make some simple changes to the layout of the Universal Hub App. We’re going to change the title of the app and we’re adding some images. First I’m going to… Continue Reading →

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